About Blinger.io

General information

Blinger.io is an omnichannel solution, enabling companies to communicate with their customers via various channels in a "unified interface"
The solution supports 15 integrations: WhatsApp, Facebook (Messenger and comments), Instagram (Direct), WeChat, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Vkontakte (Dialogues and comments), Odnoklassniki, Line, Kik, Twitter (direct messages and comments), Twilio Chat, Email, Online chat
You can enable omnichannel customer support with the help of Blinger.io in: Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, Kayako, Bpm'online. For a more flexible integration you can use API и Webhooks.

Technical requirements

High-speed internet
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari
https://blinger.io/ or,
We don't advise using Internet Explorer - it doesn't let you work in real-time mode.
Last modified 4yr ago