General information

The integration allows to process messages from messaging apps and social networks directly in Intercom interface. Each message request gets converted into a "Conversation". acts solely as "transport" role, which delivers messages from users to Intercom interface. The set up of message processing is performed in Intercom interface, doesn't influence the standard business process of the helpdesk in any way.

How to set up the integration with Intercom?

Step 1. Browse to Integrations tab and click on "Add Integration" in front of Intercom

Step 2. Open Intercom account and browse to "Settings"

Step 3. In "Developers" section select "Developer tools"

After clicking on "Developers tools" a redirect to Intercom Developer Hub will happen

Step 4. Click on "New app" and define any name for the application being created

Step 5. Copy the "Access token" value

Step 6. Go to, paste "Access token" in the field of the same name

Step 7. Go back to Intercom and copy the value of App id

App id is specified in address bar between app/../, as shown in the example in the image below

Step 8. Go to, paste "App id" in the field of the same name and click on "Add Intercom integration"

Step 9. After adding the integration, click on "Edit" in the block with Intercom integration and copy the value "Webhook URL"

Step 10. Set up in Intercom Developers Hub "Webhook URL"

On the page Intercom Developers Hub in the section Configure select Webhooks. Paste "Webhook URL" in the field "Your request endpoint URL", in the section Webhook Topics select conversation.admin.replied and click on "Save".

Choose API version 2.2 in section "Basic information"

The integration is completed!

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