General information

The integration lets you connect Line Business Channels.

Before the Line integration you should:

  • install mobile app Line on your smartphone and create an account

Important: The new version of Line in Appstore on the territory of Russian Federation is not available for download

Connect Line?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Select the channel Line and click on "Add Line"

Step 3. Log in to your account LINE Business ID

Direct link to LINE Business ID:

You're prompted to choose from 2 authorization methods ("Log in with Line Account" selected)

Credentials of LINE Business ID - login (e-mail) and password, which have been used during account registration in the mobile application.

Besides you can use the QR-code login method

Step 4. Browse to section Accounts and select the one, based on which you will be adding the channel for the integration

Step 5. Copy Basic ID

The value should be copied without the symbol @

Step 6. Go back to and paste Basic ID in the field "Bot id"

Step 7. Open section Messaging API and click on LINE Developers

Step 8. In LINE Developers portal select Messaging API and then click on "Start"

Step 9. Select already existing provider entry or create a new one

Step 10. Select one of the existing channels or create a new one

Step 11. Copy Channel ID and Channel secret from Channel Settings tab

Step 12. Go back to and paste Channel ID and Channel secret in the fields "Client id" and "Channel secret" accordingly

Step 13. Define Webhook URL

To do that you need to click on "Edit" and paste Webhook URL. After than you should confirm the address by clicking "Verify"

In the field Webhook URL you should specify the address, which comprises of two parts:

  1. Value - Channel ID

Note: after symbol "=" you should paste the value Channel ID (without spaces and etc.)

Step 14. Generate and copy Channel access token

Step 15. Go back to and paste Channel access token in the field "Channel access token" and click on "Add"

The integration is completed!

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