Manage operator groups

General information

Groups allow operators to be divided into different responsibilities.

For example, you need:

  1. Create 1st Line and 2nd Line Support Groups

  2. Divide according to the type of issues (sales, support)

  3. Divide according to the language

and other.

Initially, all the settings can be done by super-admin

Group “Default” automatically created when super-admin register his account

How to create the groups of operators?

Firstly, need to press button “Groups”

Make some settings:

  1. Write down the name of the group

  2. Set priority

  3. Specify group color

  4. Add agents

  5. Set group working hours

The priority of the group must have a different value from the priority value of other groups.

The priority of the group is used only if it is planned to configure the distribution by groups depending on the topic of conversation.

Group working hours need to be set only if you want to see separate analytics: during working hours and during non-working hours.

To complete the process of creating a group, you must press "Create". After that, the group will be available in the list below for its management.

How to manage the groups of agents?

The management of the group(s) is available from the "Groups" page, where a list of all created groups is presented (picture is below)

Just click "Show" to see the list of operators in each group

The created group "Default" can also be renamed, but you cannot delete it!

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