Tab: Widget

General information

Tab "Widget" at is necessary to create widget(s), manage, set up for further use on web pages as a point of contact between the user and the company.

Create a widget?

Browse to the tab Widget and click on "Create new widget"

After that you will get on the page with widget settings

Set up the widget?

The description of widget's settings can be found below

Block "Settings":

  • Language - allow you to automatically change the interface language depending on the site's language

  • Ring animation - allows you to turn on/off the widget's animation

  • Position - allows you to change the position of the widget on the web page: left or right

  • Widget color - allows you to change widget color, provides the possibility to define colors using HEX-code

  • Widget scale - allows you to adjust the scale of the widget (100%, 90% or 70%)

  • Active invitation - allows you to display the welcome message to each user of the web page at the beginning of the session. The content can be defined in the field "Invitation text" (connected with widget language settings). Besides, you can define the display time for the active invitation with the help of the option "Invitation delay (sec)".

Block "Channels"

This block allows you to manage the display of the connected channels in the widget.

To display a specific account in the widget you must tick the box next to the account.

To add your own button in the widget, click on "three dots" and further set up the created button (for example, you can create an Instagram button this way).

Block “Widget preview”

Let's you visually control the process of widget set up

If the widget was set up right after its creation, you should click on "Save", to generate the javascript-code, which you will further use to place the widget on the web pages.

After manipulations with widget edit (is the widget was created before), you should click on "Save".

To see the edits on the web page, where the widget it placed, you should either open it in incognito mode, or clear cache of the web page (use "hot keys": MacOS - Command+R, Win - Ctrl+F5)

Place the widget?

You should place the javascript-code, shown on the image below, in html-code of the web page before the tag </body>

If the block isn't displayed, you should click on "Save"

Remove widget?

To remove the widget from the web page, you should remove the javascript-code from the code block, where it was placed..

To delete the widget in you should browse to Widget tab and click on the "Trash can" in front of the widget, which you're planning to delete.

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