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September 5, 2019 - v.1.0.3619

Developed a filter by operators in "Conversations" tab, which will be convenient for the administrator or supervisor of customer support to filter the conversations real-time, by selecting a specific operator from the list. Documentation is available at the following link:

Developed assignment of conversations with a customer to a specific operator. As in some companies customers are assigned to specific managers. If the customer contacts the company, the message request gets assigned to a specific operator. Hence, the customer always knows who to contact if questions arise. Documentation is available at the following link:

July 30, 2019 - v.1.0.3119

Developed an option, which lets you set up the sequence of message requests display (in "Unassigned" section) and messages (in "My inbox" section). The option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "General". For example, if you activate "Start from old messages in "Unassigned" tab", message requests will be displayed from old to new depending on the time when they were received. It's convenient to use this option to sort out through the message requests which were in the queue for the longest time.

Developed the function "IP address whitelist", which lets you whitelist specific IP-addresses to access This option can be defined in "Settings" section , tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Developed the function "Block send/receive files", which lets you disable the option to receive files from users and send them to the agents. This option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Developed the function "Action log", which displays a list of all actions, performed by the administrator or the agents. This option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Developed the function "Hide personal data", which lets you hide contact information of the users. This option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Developed the function "Email whitelist for downloading conversations", which lets you export the conversations with users only to specific e-mail addresses. This option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Now the function "Manage Webhooks" is in direct access, it lets you access the management panel to define the address for receiving webhooks. This option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Now the function "Iframe integration" is in direct access, it enables you to set up the integration of with a third-party service using iframe (API alternative). This option can be defined in "Settings" section, tab "Advanced" (contact Customer Support to access it).

Changed the location of interface language settings. Now you can change the default interface language in "Profile" section.

June 21, 2019 - v.1.0.2519

On March 27 of this year we developed the "Custom App" integration (it can be found in "Apps" module). Custom app lets you, for example, connect your chatbots, 3rd party online-chats (for example, from a mobile app), and etc. This week together with Spotware Systems Ltd. (an award-winning fintech company which develops software for brokers) released an integration with their cTrader Live Chat on the base of Custom App, which allows to add cTrader Live Chat as one of the channels at What's the purpose of the integration? Now every trader on cTrader platform can contact his broker directly from the platform's terminal, while every broker can offer their customers multiple channels via which the traders can contact them and unify all the message requests in one interface of

Fixed a bug in Twitter integration functionality - direct messages weren't functioning properly.

Fixed a bug which didn't let make changes to the autoresponder settings from a regular account, which had settings management permissions.

Fixed a bug with deletion of an agent - when deleting an agent there were 2 messages displayed (about successful deletion and about being unable to delete the account).

June 13, 2019 - v.1.0.2419

Made messaging API a part of our interface (which wasn't the case before ). It will allow to connect to third-party solutions, for example, universal chat bots (another name "IVR-bots") or integrate any SaaS solution with, in which you need to realize the possibility of customer support in messaging apps, social networks, e-mail or live chat. Examples of such integrations, which we realized ourselves: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, Kayako and etc. Messaging API documentation is available at the following link.

Improved integration with Freshdesk. Now in the Subject of a message request a part of the first message of the message request is displayed. Before in the Subject was displayed, for example, the following text "New conversation #[number]".

Improved stability of the integration with WhatsApp.

Changed the time format in messages. Before, if a message was sent within 24 hours, it had the following time format: "13 hours ago". Now the format looks as follows: "13 June 2019, 15:34:16".

Fixed a bug with display of edited end-user name. There was the following error before - the edited name was displayed in all accounts in which the end-user had written via one of the channels.

Fixed a bug with incorrect display of agent's name. The agent used to see the e-mail of super administrator in conversations with the customer, who sent a message a message request via WhatsApp.

Fixed a bug when a new agent didn't see new messages, the ones that were displayed in Unassigned section.

Fixed a bug with incorrect display of parameter "The oldest unassigned conversation" in dashboard.

Fixed a bug with search issues when searching edited names.

April 25, 2019 - v.1.0.1719

Implemented the possibility to edit contact name field. It's helpful in case when client name in your system, CRM for example, is different from the one in WhatsApp, Telegram and etc.

When initializing a conversation with a customer in WhatsApp (our premium feature), now you can define the name for the customer beforehand. Before you only had the opportunity to provide the phone number and message text.

You can initialize a conversation with a customer, in case when he has WhatsApp installed, directly from your CRM, it's sufficient to set up calling our service for outgoing messages from the third party solution, while the conversation will be assigned to the manager, who initializes the conversation. Important: all phone numbers of your customers are encrypted when transferred into our solution.

Fixed a bug which didn't let to send text with emoji when pressing (instead of "Send" button) Ctrl+Enter (Win PC) or Cmd+Enter (MacOS). The message was sent without smileys instead.

Implemented the possibility to integrate Blinger as an iframe. Contact our Customer Support for additional information.

Implemented the possibility to hide personal data from agents (phone numbers, direct links to customer profiles). Contact our Customer Support for additional information.

April 18, 2019 - v.1.0.1619

Fixed a bug with disappearing of the button "Load more messages", when there were more than 20 conversations in "My inbox" section.

Developed pagination of conversations and messages, which improves the process of conversations/messages navigation, especially it can be noticed with a large amount of conversations/messages.

Fixed a bug with selecting statuses "Inbox" or "Closed" in "All conversations" section and then clicking on "Load more messages" in conversations list to load more conversations. The filter broke at that step and showed all conversations with all statuses (e.g. "Inbox" and "Closed").

April 4, 2019 - v.1.0.1419/1

Freshdesk integration has been developed. The integration Blinger and Freshdesk allows you to connect any modern messaging channels (social networks, messaging apps) to your Freshdesk account, which enables you to process message requests from those channels directly in Freshdesk interface. The integration solves many questions: it provides new opportunities for working with customers in terms of sales and support, saves development costs for programming your own solution and employee training, customer data is in order, what helps process it better.

How to setup? Link FAQ? Link

Fixed a bug with outgoing WhatsApp messages: when sending the first message to the customer, the default group was not selected and the conversation wasn't assigned to the agent, who initiated the outgoing message.

April 2, 2019 - v.1.0.1419

Described how to add Zendesk online-chat in our widget - link here.

Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the agent's name: often instead of the name of the agent administrator's e-mail was displayed.

Fixed a bug with adding WhatsApp integration: there was a problem with adding a WhatsApp account in case when messages had been sent before from the number to the number which had already been added in Blinger.

Fixed a bug with Twitter functionality: the messages were not delivered in Blinger in case when the account from which the messages were sent had been added as an integration before or is added at present in Blinger account.

March 27, 2019 - v.1.0.1319

Custom App integration has been developed (details at the following link). Custom app is useful, if there is a need to integrate your own/third party online-chat, chat in a mobile application, chatbots in messaging apps with the following framework: "messaging app - chatbot - blinger", in order to have an opportunity to process message requests from customers in a unified workspace.

Use case:

Our partner (a big fintech company) has customers, who use their solution, and the partner integrated online-chat, to support their customers directly from the interface of the solution. We have common clients with the partner, so it has been decided to develop a Custom App, to be able to process message requests from the third-party online chat in Blinger interface. This way we combined all message requests in a unified workspace, thus having improved productivity of support agents.

March 14, 2019 - v.1.0.0919

Improved WhatsApp integration. Fixed a bug with fetching the message requests, which were sent by clients during WhatsApp disconnect and were not being delivered in interface.

March 13, 2019 - v.1.0.0919

Analytics module has been updated. Now it has become more informative.

Added in the module:

  • Dashboard - helps to get a current day information snapshot for employees' work.

Updated in the module:

  • Conversations analytics - improved processed message requests analytics, added information on the time of a message request resolution and reaction on it, the total amount of messages and separately for the operators and clients is displayed, revised analytics of themes of message requests, besides added ranking of data depending on work time and time off of support team.

  • Clients analytics - improved analytics for the following data: how many clients sent message requests in all time, for the specified time period, how many were new, added coefficient of recurring requests, and data on the channels of inbound clients.

  • Operators analytics - improved operators analytics, specifically how many message requests was processed by each operator, how fast they were processed, how fast was the first reaction to the message request and how much time was sent on it in total.

  • Tags analytics - improved tags analytics interface, now it contains a visual component and convenient tags navigation and switching to those message requests, in which messages were tagged.

January 22, 2019 - v.1.0.0419

Possibility to assign conversations to the system administrator added

Toolbar design changed, online-chat added as a separate button, improved navigation to account settings, Help-center and Changelog added as a separate button

Changed agent's message display method in the navigation window among conversations

Fixed a bug (error: Integrity constraint violation #23505), which appeared in the process of new account registration as per administrator's invitation

Fixed a bug, which didn't let highlight a word when searching for it

Fixed a bug with adding themes

Fixed a bug with popping up phrase in the widget

Fixed a bug with scrolling effect when opening the widget

New messages push-notifications' work restored

Fixed a bug with displaying of the amount of conversations in "Unassigned", "My inbox", at the moment when the account was in one of the groups and had role "Conversations management"

Fixed a bug with a long response time of the message selection button

January 15, 2019 - v.1.0.0319

Parameter "tags"added in Outgoing message, Incoming message Webhooks

Outgoing message, Incoming message
"tags":["tag1", "tag2"]

Improved search in "Conversations" module: eliminated "jumping" of the search results, increased speed of search results delivery, highlighting of search results with color

Improved performance of "Conversations" module: Websocket breakage was happening due to unstable Internet connection, which required continuous page refreshes to load new messages

Bug fix with line spacing in "Autoresponder"

Bug fix with sticky button when changing agent group, that started to work only after page refresh

January 8, 2019 - v.1.0.0219

Restored work on the delivery of images from customers via WhatsApp

December 18, 2018 - v.1.0.5118

Possibility to specify data-center region added in Twilio Chat integration

Parameter "email"added in Outgoing message, Incoming message, Conversation is assigned to operator Webhooks

Outgoing message, Incoming message, Conversation is assigned to operator