General information

The integration allows to process messages from messaging apps and social networks directly in interface. Each message request gets converted into a "Lead" or "Case" (these sections must be supported by your Bpm'online version).

Blinger.io acts solely as "transport" role, which delivers messages from users to Kayako interface. Blinger.io doesn't influence the standard business process of the helpdesk in any way.

The integration works with the following versions:

  • Bpm'online Sales

  • Bpm'online Service Desk

Important: by default the integration is set up to work with "Lead" section, if you need to set up the integration for the section "Case", then contact Customer Support of Blinger.io.

To perform the integration in your Bpm'online account, you need installed and set up Blinger.io connector for bpm’online application.

To install Blinger.io connector for bpm’online you need to register at Bpm’online marketplace - registration link: https://marketplace.bpmonline.com/user/register?destination=

Steps 1 through 11 of the instruction outline the actions to install and set up the application Blinger.io connector for bpm’online. If this application is already installed and set up, then you should proceed to step 12.

How to set up the integration with Bpm'online?

The instruction was crafted using product version Bpm'online Sales

Step 1. Log in to your Bpm'online account and browse to "Settings" section

Step 2. Select on the page which appeared "Installed applications"

Step 3. Select on the page which appeared "Add Application", and then click on "Choose from Marketplace"

Step 4. Search for application "Blinger" at Bpm’online marketplace and click on it

Step 5. In the window which opened click on "Install"

If you haven't logged in to Bpm’online marketplace, then enter Bpm'online Marketplace Login and Password in the window which opens and click on "Login".

Step 7. Double check whether the domain of Bpm’online, to which you are going to install the applications, is specified correctly, and click on "Install"

If during installation of Blinger.io connector Bpm'online you got an error, then simply ignore that message and close the window which opens.

Step 8. After successful installation, you should browse to "Settings" secton and select "Workplace setup" on the page which appeared

Step 9. In the window which appeared select one of the workplaces (for exmaple, "Sales") and click on "Open"

Step 10. Select section Blinger and click on "Select"

Besides, you can find Blinger section with the help of the search bar.

Important: if Blinger section is not present on the list, then Blinger.io connector bpm'online wasn't installed. You must reinstall it.

Step 12. Go to Blinger.io, browse to Integrations tab and click on "Add Integration" in front of Bpm'online

Step 13. Fill in the required fields and click on "Add bpm'online Integration"

You should enter the following values in the fields:

  • bpmonline site url - can be found in the address bar of the opened account "bpm'online"

  • bpmonline login and bpmonline password - login credentials for Bpm'online

Step 14. Click on "Edit Integration" in the integration with Bpm'online

Step 15. In the window which appeared copy the value of "App key"

Step 16. Go back to bpm'online, in settings select "Blinger integration setup"

Step 17. Paste App key in the field "Blinger key" and click on "Save"

Step 18. Browse to Blinger section in the workplace Bpm'online: where the connection has been installed, and you can start working

Before performing step 17, you should log out and log back in in your Bpm'online account.

If the integration was successful, a window for working with Blinger conversations will appear

The integration is completed!

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