Subtab: General

General information

In the "General" tab, you can configure the order in which conversations are displayed and change the view of the tab panel (Applications, Integrations, Widget, etc.)

How to hide panel tabs?

By default, the window looks like this:

However, you can hide the panel with additional tabs (see below)

To hide the panel tab ((Applications, Integrations, Widgets, etc.), open "Settings" and activate "Full conversation size" in the general tab and click "Save"

To show the panel tab, click on the burger icon:

To see the changes on the web page you need to reset the cache - use the "shortcuts": MacOS - "Command+R", Win - "Ctrl+F5"

Display "old" conversations on the top in "Unassigned"?

If you need that the earlier conversations always appear on the top in the "Unassigned" tab, go to "Settings" and activate "Start from old messages in the" Unassigned "tab in the "General" tab and click "Save".

It is useful to make operators start the conversations with the end-users who have been waiting for a response for a long time.

The time that is used to sort conversations by the time is the time when it come to "Unassigned" tab. Thus, if the operator returned the conversation to “Unassigned” from the “My inbox”, then the time of the last status update will be taken.

Display "old" conversations above in "My Inbox"?

If you need that conversations received earlier in the operator’s “My inbox” always appear at the top, then open “Settings” and activate “Start from old messages in the“ inbox” tab" in the “General” tab and click “Save”

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