General information

The integration allows you to:

  • connect Groups to Blinger.io (not personal accounts)

  • reply to the messages, sent by the users to the Group

Before the Odnoklassniki integration you should:

  • get authorized in the Odnoklassniki account, which has "Administrator / Supermoderator / Moderator" roles in the Group being connected

  • in Group settings (section: Messaged) set the value "Can write messages" to "Guests and participants"

  • send any message to the Group from the account, not being a participant of the Group before the moment of its integration.

Connect Odnoklassniki Group?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Select Odnoklassniki channel and click on "Add OK"

Step 3. Go to Odnoklassniki group, which you're planning to connect and browse to "Settings"

Step 4. Select section "Messages" and click on "Generate access key"

Step 5. Click on "Obtain new access key" and copy the generated key

Step 6. Go to Blinger.io and paste the access key in "Token" field

Step 7. Go to Odnoklassniki and copy the value of Group ID

ID of the Group can be found between "'/group/" and "/messages". Besides you can copy that value in the field ID, if you browse to section "General"

Step 8. Go to Blinger.io, paste the ID in the field "Group name" and click on "Add"

The integration is completed!

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