How does Blinger and Freshdesk integration work?

The integration Blinger and Freshdesk allows you to connect any modern messaging channels (social networks, messaging apps) to your Freshdesk account, which enables you to process message requests from those channels directly in Freshdesk interface. The integration solves many questions: it provides new opportunities for working with customers in terms of sales and support, saves development costs for programming your own solution and employee training, customer data is in order, what helps process it better.

How to merge Blinger widget with Freshdesk web messenger?

Step 1. Place the following code before the closing tag </body>:

<!-- Add custom styles for Freshchat widget -->
    .custom_fc_frame {
        right: 100px !important;

<!-- Freschat widget source. You can put it to the header html section -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Init and customize Freshchat widget -->
        "config": {
            "headerProperty": {
                "hideChatButton": true
            cssNames: {
                widget: 'custom_fc_frame',
                expanded: 'custom_fc_expanded'
        token: "freshchat_widget_token",
        host: ""

<!-- Init and customize Blinger Widget -->
    window['blingerBeforeRender'] = function () {
        var channel = new Blinger.Channels.SimpleActionChannel();
        channel.tooltip = 'Онлайн чат';
        channel.color = '#75b145';
        channel.imageUrl = '';
        channel.action = function () {

        Blinger.channelsWidget.resizeEnabled = true;

    (function (d) {
        var s = d.createElement("script");
        s.async = true;
        s.charset = "utf-8";
        s.src = "[Value].js";

Step 2. Replace token: "freshchat_widget_token" (line 23) with the token from your Freshchat account (path: Settings > Web Messenger)

Step 3. Define in the line the necessary widget's number instead of [Value]

  s.src = "[Value].js"

The necessary widget's number can be found after the value "Widget #", if you login to your Blinger administrator's account and proceed to "Widget" module


Color and caption for Freshdesk online-chat button can be defined using parameters channel.tooltip = 'Live chat' и channel.color = '#75b145'accordingly.

Is it possible to edit the name in Freshdesk customer profile, which was created upon getting a message request via the integration with Blinger?

Yes, it's possible. Besides, you can merge profiles, if the customer contacted you in different channels (you can understand that with the help of tags), but if you want to continue communication with the customer you need to reopen the last message request (ticket) in the corresponding channel and continue responding in that channel. You can't create a message request via "New Ticket"!

What will happen, if the customer sent a new message request via the integration with Blinger, but his previous message request had been closed?

A new message request will be created. This is the default setting. If there is a need to continue the conversation in the initially created message request, then you should activate the option "Reopen ticket" in the integration's settings in your Blinger admin.

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