General information

The integration allows to:

  • connect Pages to Blinger.io (no personal accounts)

  • reply to messages form Facebook Messenger of the connected Page

  • reply to comments of users under the publications, which are posted in the feed of the Page by those, who have management rights for the Page

Before setting up Facebook integration you should:

  • get authorized in Facebook under the account, which has "Administrator", "Editor", "Moderator" role on the Page being connected

  • double check, that the Page being connected has the function "Message exchange" activated in Settings (section "General")

Connect Facebook Messenger?

Step 1. Open a tab «Apps» and click «Add new app»

Step 2. Choose channel «Facebook» and click «Add Facebook»

Step 3. Click «Start» in the window that appeared

After clicking "Start" you will be automatically redirected to the Facebook page, where it is necessary to allow access for the Blinger.io application, to be able to search for the "Pages", which you can manage.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4. Choose the «Page» required for connection and click «Add»

The integration is completed!

Connect Facebook Comments

Step 1. Click on "Edit" in Facebook integration

Step 2. Tick the box next to Enable and click on "Save"

The integration is completed!

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