Company - a behalf who registers a super-admin account in to use the solution in the company, for example, for customer support.

Super-admin - account with full access to all the functions and settings of; super-admin account can add operators.

Operator - account that is used for working with customer requests.

Role - the set of permissions that can be assigned to an account of the "Operator" type to expand the list of its possibilities.

Client - a behalf who contacted the company via a social network, messaging app, email or livechat, as a result of which a query was created in

Message - a sentence containing some meaning, transmitted by the client to the operator and back, and which is part of the client query.

Query - a set of messages from the client and the operator, that make a completed dialogue; in the interface it is considered to be from the moment of clicking "Start conversation" and clicking on "Closed" after.

Conversation - the set of messages with one client who accessed through any channel (social network, instant messenger, email, online chat); in the interface, the conversation is the history of correspondence with the client in a specific channel in the "Conversation" tab.

Channel (or "messaging app") - general definition for a social network, instant messenger, email or livechat that is integrated with

Account channel - page, group, bot-channel or number added to "Apps" tab, for example, a specific bot-channel (account channel) in Skype (channel)

Operator group - one or more operators united on some criteria (language, geography, competence, etc.)

Widget - it is a javascript-application that redirects a client from the web page where the widget is placed to the channel account added to

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