General information

The integration allows you to connect Skype Bots (not personal/regular accounts). Skype Bot is not a chat-bot, it's a specific name of a Skype channel, which lets you set up a communication channel of users with a business.

The instruction was crafted based on the fact, that the Skype bot had already been created and you need to connect it to If you haven't created a Skype Bot, then we propose the following instruction: How to create a Skype Bot?

Connect a Skype bot?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Select Skype channel and click on "Add Skype"

Step 3. Log in to your Microsoft Azure account and select the Skype bot, which you're planning to connect

If you don't have an account on Microsoft Azure portal, then follow this instruction: How to create a Microsoft Azure account?

Direct link to Microsoft Azure:

You can select a specific Skype bot in section "All resources".

Skype-bot always has the following type: Bot Channels Registration

Step 4. Change "Messaging endpoint" in Settings section

Define Messaging endpoint: click on "Save"

Step 5. Copy the value of Microsoft App ID field

Step 6. Open and paste Microsoft App ID in the field "Application id"

Step 7. Copy the value of the field Client secret

Click on "Manage" in the field Microsoft App ID

... delete the current Client secret

... create a new Client secret by clicking on the button "New client secret"

... copy the value Сlient secret

  • you can fill in the field Description with any value

  • enter Never in the field Expires

Step 8. Go to, paste Сlient secret in the field "Application Secret" and click on "Add"

Step 9. Go back to Microsoft Azure portal, browse to section Channels and add Skype channel

Step 10. Fill in Publish according to the requirements and click on "Submit for Review"

Filling out Publish section is necessary, to be able to search for the created Skype Bot in the search bar in Skype application.

Pay attention to the fields, where you must define the links to "Terms of use" and "Privacy policy" of your resource.

Optional: you can add a logo for the Skype Bot - path: Settings - Bot profile - Icon

The integration is completed!

The integration's functionality has its specifics.

After finalizing all integration related work, message exchange starts working in 5-15 minutes. Such a delay is caused by internal business processes of the company of WeChat messaging app.

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