General information

The integration allows you to:

  • connect Communities / Groups to Blinger.io (not personal accounts)

  • reply to messages, being sent by the users to the Community

  • reply to comments of the users under the publications, which were posted on the wall of the Community by those, who has the possibility to manage this Community

Before the Vkontakte integration you should:

  • get authorized in Vkontakte under the account, which has the role of "Administrator" in the Community / Group being connected

  • double check that the Community being connected has the function "Write a message" activated (path: Manage - Messages - Community messages: On)

Connect Dialogues?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Select VK channel and click on "Add VK"

Step 3. Click on "Start" in the window that appeared

Step 4. Select the Community, which you plan to connect

... click on "Allow" fo the possibility to connect the application to Blinger.io

... after that, in Blinger.io the status that the integration was finalized will appear. But the integration has not been completed yet!!!

Step 5. Click on "Edit" in the Vkontakte integration

Step 6. Go to Vkontakte and browse to section "Manage" of the community, which has been connected

Step 7. Browse to section «API usage», and switch to tab «СаllBack API»

Step 8. Copy the value of "String to be returned"

Step 9. Go to Blinger.io and paste the copied value in the field "Webhook key" and click on "Add"

After the Secret key (shown in the image) has been generated, you should copy it

Step 10. Go to Vkontakte, paste Secret key in the field "Secret key" and click on "Save"

Step 11. Fill in the "URL" field, install API v.5.50 version and click on "Confirm"

The value for the field "URL": https://api.blinger.io/vk_webhook

Step 12. Activate in the tab "Event types" the item "Message received"

The integration is completed!

Connect Comments?

Step 1. Click on "Edit" in the Vkontakte integration

Step 2. Click "Get access token" in the window that appeared

Upon each click on «Get access token», the toked for work with comments will be updated

Step 3. Copy in the window that appeared the token value from the address bar of the browser between the values access_token= and &

Step 4. Go to Blinger.io, paste the copied value and click on "Save"

Step 5. Open in a new tab Vkontakte, browse to the main page of the connected "Community" and browse to section "Manage"

Step 6. Click on "API usage" in the menu to the right, switch to tab "СаllBack API»

Шаг 7. Switch to the tab "Event types" and tick the box "New" in "Wall comments" block

The integration is completed!

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