Subtab: Advanced

General information

In this tab you can receive the access to:

  • Action log

  • Block send/receive files to a specific group of operators

  • Email whitelist for downloading conversations

  • Hide personal data from operators

  • IP address whitelist

  • Iframe integration

  • Manage Webhooks

By default, the access to these settings is restricted. Contact Support to get the access

Action log

Information on each committed action of a super-admin or operator is recorded and displayed in the Action log. Information is displayed in the following order:

  • the name of the account that performed the action

  • account name for which the action was committed

  • type of action

  • IP address of the account that committed the action

  • date and time of action

  • action note

Block send/receive files

This function allows you to prohibit receiving and sending files to specific groups of operators.

To configure, it is necessary to mark the type of action (receiving / sending), which must be prohibited for a particular group of operators.

List of email addresses for downloading conversations

The function allows you to limit the ability for operators to download correspondence with end-users and write down specific email addresses to which downloading is possible.

Super-admin account is not affected by this feature.

To configure, you must activate the "Restrict email addresses" and enter the email addresses to which the downloading of correspondence will be allowed.

Hide personal data

The function allows you to hide from the operators of specific groups the personal data (contact) of end-users transmitted by social networks and instant messengers to

Super-admin account is not affected by this feature.

To configure you need:

  1. Activate "Hide data for all operators besides Super-Admin

  2. If you want to hide the avatars there will activate "Hide avatars"

  3. Select those groups of operators for which this function won't work

  4. Click "Save"

IP address whitelist

The function allows you to set specific IP-addresses by which operators can have access to

To configure you need:

  1. Activate function

  2. Enter IP-addresses to whitelist which you can log in your account

  3. Click "Save"

Iframe integration

Iframe allows you to embed part of the web interface in a third-party web solution.

The example of implementing iframe integration with bpm'online:

More information about the setup steps on the page.

For full integration via iframe, we recommend using webhooks

Manage Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to transfer json-formatted data about events that occurred in A detailed description of all the features is available here.

This section allows to receive the direct access to the Webhooks panel.

Just Super-admin account has the access to Webhooks panel

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