General information

The integration allows you to get notifications about new messages in in Slack application (on desktop and mobile platforms)

An example of the appearance of the messages:

Set up the integration with Slack?

Step 1. Go to Integrations tab and click on "Add Integration" in front of Slack

Step 2. Log in to your Slack account

Step 3. Select the channel, which you will use to get notifications and copy the ID of the channel.

I​D of the channel can be found in address bar after[ID_Channel]

Step 4. Go back to and paste the ID of the channel in the field "Channel"

Step 5. Generate and copy the token for Slack account


  1. ​​Generate the token by clicking the button "Create token"

  2. Copy token value

Step 6. Go back to and paste the token in the field "Token", then click on "Add Slack Integration"

The integration is completed!

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