Assigning channel to a group

General information

Function "Assigning channel to a group" is necessary, when you need the message requests from specific channels to get to specific operator groups.

Use cases:

  • you need to set up omnichannel customer support for several projects and for each of the projects you have a specific operator group

  • you need to set up multilingual customer support (one operator group - Europe, the other operator group - China) and for each of the regions you want to have specific channels

How to set up?

Step 1. Browse to "Assign to groups" in Apps tab

Step 2. Set up the function

Way 1. If you need the message requests to return to the Default group if had been transferred or closed in another group

Select the groups which you need to assign to the account of the channel.

Tick the box in front of "Assign closed conversations to chosen groups" and specify the minimum amount of time (in hours), which should pass before the new message requests from the assigned channel gets into the Default group.

Way 2. If you need the message requests remain in the group after closing.

Select the groups that need to be assigned to the specific channel.

Open "Settings" tab, after click on "Auto assign messages" tab and activate the function.

Click on "Save"

The function is set up!

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