The integration allows you to exchange messages with the visitors of your site.

General information

Channel Livechat is online-chat by

Connect LiveChat?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Select LiveChat channel and click on "Add LiveChat"

Step 3. Click on "Add"

The integration is completed!

Set up Livechat for authorized zone?

This function enables you to transmit the data of a logged in account directly in

Step 1. Get Secret key

To get Secret key, proceed to the tab "Apps", click on "Edit" in Livechat box and copy on the settings page the value in Secret key field

If the field Secret key is empty, then you should delete and re-add LiveChat again

Step 2. Place the additional code on the widget page

Before the js-code of the Widget, you must place the following code on the same page:

You can pass any quantity of parameters

 var customBlingerConfig = {
   customLivechatFields: {
     your_custom_param_1: 123,
     your_custom_param_2: 'my value',
     your_custom_param_n: 999,
     sign: 'ff127a29530759df7752f6ffab2a78fd'

Step 3. Calculate the value of parameter sign

The value of parameter sign depends on the values, passed parameters - that's hash of the parameter values. Hash is calculated on your server side and is needed to secure the parameters passed from changes made by third parties.

It is calculated as follows:

  1. concatenation of all values of the parameters passed + Secret key

  2. calculation of MD5 hash from the line received


  1. let's take any parameters, for example, Rdr9ucDi19nixmpevci5EiOvlFVyXbCT

  2. doing concatenation of the values of the parameters: “123my value999Rdr9ucDi19nixmpevci5EiOvlFVyXbCT”

  3. calculating hash: md5(“123my value999Rdr9ucDi19nixmpevci5EiOvlFVyXbCT”)

  4. pasting the obtained hash as a value sign: 'ff127a29530759df7752f6ffab2a78fd'

Step 4. Calculation of the parameter on the side of

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