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General information

To start using solution, you need to register. For this you will need a name, current email address and phone number.

By default there are 2 different types of accounts:

  • Super-admin is the major account that is used for making settings and. Also, Super-admin has an opportunity to work directly with end-user conversations.

  • Operator is account is created (How to add operators?) by a super-admin and aimed to work directly with end-user conversations. Also, there is the possibility to expand the permissions for this type of account (Role permission details)

Only super-admin can invite operators.


If you need the account that will be used to manage (control, analyze, etc.) performance of operators, we suggest to use super-admin account or create a separate operator account and expand the permissions for this one.

How to register in

The instruction is relevant just for the Super-admin

To create a super-admin account, please follow the link:

Enter the necessary info for registration (name, valid email, contact phone number), agree to the Terms of Use, go through an anti-robot check and click "Register"

According to the terms of it is established that emails that start with info@ are not accepted for sign up

After that, a letter will be sent to the email that was used in the sign up form to complete the registration.

Follow the link in the letter to set a password for the super-admin account and click "Save Password"

After completion of registration, you will automatically login to for subsequent configuration.

How to login?

The instruction is relevant for the Super-admin and Operator accounts

To log in to your account (Super-admin or Operator), you must follow the link: and write down the information that was used during registration (email and password)

Forgot the password?

To recover the password, you must follow the link: or click "Forgot your password?" on the login page. In the window that appears, write down the email and click "Send Email."

If the email is entered correctly, you will get an email with a link for set a new password

Remember your password.

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