Manage operators

General information

Operators are involved in answering clients’ questions in interface. Their authority can be expanded with role permissions.

Initially, only super-admin can have the access to all of the settings

How to add operators?

Step 1 Open tab Operators and press the button “Invite new operator”

Step 2. Specify the details of the operator(s) whom you plan to invite

Option 1. Single invitation


  1. In field “User email” - write down the email of operator whom you plan to add

  2. In field “Operator groups” - choose the group to which you plan to add the operator

  3. Press “Send invitation to email”

If there is no groups - choose the group Default (automatically created group when the super-admin register the account)

Option 2. Bulk invitation


  1. Write down the list of operators’ email addresses (.csv)

  2. Upload this file

  3. In field “Operator groups” - choose the group to which you plan to add the operators

  4. Press “Send invitation to email”

After sending the invitation, the letter will be sent to the specified email addresses to complete registration in

Step 3. Track operator registration status

You can track the status of operator registration in the Operators section. If the operator has completed registration, there will be the status "Active" - otherwise "Not registered".

How to delete agents?

To remove an operator, you need to go to the tab Operators, first click "Deactivate" and then "Delete".

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