Subtab: Autoresponder

General information

“Autoresponder” allows you to configure the auto-message sending in response to a new end-user conversation. In other words, this function is useful in the case of an auto-greeting of end-user (without the efforts of operators) and to provide him to additional information: operating time, about the soonest connection with operators, about the need to provide additional information for processing the conversation, etc.

How to set up autoresponder?

Pay attention!

If the function "Auto assign messages" is enabled "Autoresponder won't work

Step 1. Open Settings

Step 2. Click on "Autoresponder"

Step 3. Configure the function parameters and click "Save"

  1. Activate the function - click "Enable"

  2. Fill the "Text" field with the content of the autoresponse.

  3. Set the value of the “Number of hours for repeated auto answer” parameter to configure: how much time (minimum) should pass in order to repeat the autoresponse to the next client’s message again.

About the parameter "Number of hours for repeated auto autoresponse":

If you set the value = 0, then the autoresponder will work only once in response to the first message from the client.

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