General information

The integration allows you to connect regular accounts as well as WhatsApp Business accounts and doesn't require access to WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp integration is custom development of Blinger.io, created according to the "reverse engineering" principle.

Do you have access to WhatsApp Business API (direct or indirect)?

Contact Customer Support of Blinger.io to get information about connection possibilities.

Connect WhatsApp?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Choose WhatsApp channel and click on "Add WhatsApp"

Step 3. In the window which appeared click on "Add" to load the QR-code

Step 4. Open on your smartphone the menu for QR-code scanning in WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business messaging app

WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business should be connected to the phone number, which you're planning to use for Blinger.io connection.

How to do it in your smartphone?

1. Open the section "Settings" and click on "WhatsApp Web / Desktop"

2. Before scanning you should click on "Log out from all computers", after which "Scan QR-code"

Step 5. Scan the generated QR-code with your smartphone

The integration is completed!

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