General information

The integration allows to connect Telegram-bots (not personal accounts). Telegram-bots are not chat-bots, it's a specific name of Telegram channels, which let you set up a communication channel of the user with a business.

The instruction was crafted based on the fact, that the Telegram-bot had already been created and you need to connect it to If you haven't created a Telegram-bot, then we propose the following instruction: How to create a Telegram-bot?

Connect a Telegram-bot?

Step 1. Open the tab Apps and click on "Add new app"

Step 2. Select channel Telegram Bot and click on "Add Telegram Bot"

Step 3. Fine and open in Telegram BotFather bot

Step 4. Enter in message line of BotFather the following value /mybots

Step 5. Select the Telegram-bot, which you want to connect

Step 6. Click on the button «API Token»

Step 7. Copy the Token value

Step 8. Go back to, paste the copied Token and click on "Add"

The integration is completed!

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