How to set up Freshdesk integration?

Step 1. Go to "Apps" module in Blinger interface and click on "Add integration" in front of Freshdesk

Step 2. Fill out the fields and click on "Add Freshdesk integration"


Subdomain - located in address bar of the opened Freshdesk account. E-mail and password - values for Freshdesk account authorization.


If you're getting an error message when attempting to add the integration, then you should check whether the values you entered for authorization and the subdomain are correct.

Step 3. Go to "Admin" menu in Freshdesk account and click on "Observer" in "Helpdesk Productivity" section

Step 4. Click on "New Rule" to create a rule to work with Blinger

Step 5. Fill out the necessary fields, set the following values and click on "Save"

Rule name - any value

When an action performed by... - value "Agent" with the tag "Any"

involves any of these events - value "Reply is sent"

on tickets with these properties - value "Match ANY of the below" with parameter "Ticket"

perform these actions - select value Trigger webhook, specify Request Type: POST, copy the value Webhook URL from the integration's page in Blinger account and insert that value in the filed Callback URL, specify the value Encoding: JSON, check in Content field: Ticket ID, Subject, Description, Tags, Last public comment, Status, Requester Unique External ID, Triggered Event.

Value for Callback URL

The integration is finalized!